ISO: Austin N1 Shirt Sz L. Much to Trade, or Will buy

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Looking for 1 or 2 size Large shirt(s) from Austin N1.
I can buy or trade.

I have to trade:
FW2 sz L shirt
TX lic plates
Basketball (for 2 shirts or difference in $)
EV Earthling zippo, smeared target brushed silver.

* "smeared target" is just my description of the design. It is in brand new condition, unflawed.
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  • OfThePearlOfThePearl Posts: 486
    Still recovering from tour/Ohana bump.
  • OfThePearlOfThePearl Posts: 486
    Still looking for Aus1 shirt, sz L
  • OfThePearlOfThePearl Posts: 486
  • OfThePearlOfThePearl Posts: 486
    Missed out at show bump.
  • OfThePearlOfThePearl Posts: 486
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    Does no one on the PJ forums have an extra Austin N1 size Large shirt?

    They are all over ebay, and I'm told many are on social media fb, etc., which I won't join.

    Its a bit disappointing, but maybe Christmas  will prompt more activity?

    *I think I found my shirt, trade pending 😁
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    PM sent.
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