ISO St. Louis '22 Poster...Let's Make A Deal!

I'm searching for a St. Louis '22 Ian Williams poster in exchange for one item from each of the tiers below.  Let's make a deal!

Tier 1

Chicago '23 N2 SpaceBull poster
Chicago '23 Beth Murphy poster
Chicago '23 N1 Ames Bros T-Shirt (XL)

Tier 2

Wrigley '16 Pennant
Wrigley '18 Pennant

Tier 3

Chicago '23 N1 Sticker
Chicago '23 N2 Sticker
Chicago '23 N2 Pin
Wrigley '16 Skull Sticker
Wrigley '16 "Let's Go PJ" Sticker
Wrigley '16 Baseball Sticker

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