ISO 2023 keychain

DavewiseDavewise Lyndhurst, NJ Posts: 1
Does anyone have a keychain from the PJ 2023 tour for sale? I went to the Chicago shows and I'm kicking myself for not buying one... Thank you!


  • PJinILPJinIL satan's bed Posts: 429
    I have one. Just the yellow on black standard one, right? I don’t remember any show specific keychains…

    Trade you for a 98 Dallas print? Lol

    I’m on the struggle bud mobile right now, can you send me a dm and we’ll work it out?
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  • jazzbo26jazzbo26 Framingham, MA Posts: 672
    I also regret not grabbing one. Think it’s more than likely they will be in the shop as opposed to show specific items.
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