Mike McCready Guitar World interview '23

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“My original ’60 Stratocaster will always sound the best. This one is right next to the best”: Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready on why he’s playing his more affordable signature guitar live, covering Eruption and embracing digital amps

Now onto his second signature Fender, grunge’s answer to Stevie Ray Vaughan reflects on his greatest Stratocaster moment, how Eddie Van Halen and Chris Cornell inspired his guitar playing, and why you should be excited for the next Pearl Jam album – oh, and his rock opera about the Seattle scene


  • demetriosdemetrios Posts: 83,705

    Who are the new guitarists inspiring you today?

    “There’s a band called Thunderpussy – I love Whitney Petty, the guitar player. She’s really phenomenal and new and exciting. I love Annie Clark. She has a few records out, obviously, but she’s got an interesting angular feeling to her playing I like a lot.

    “Also, Jessica Dobson from Deep Sea Diver who’s out with us right now. She’s got a really cool style of delay, and she was showing me her pedalboard. She has a great voice to go along with it.

    “Those three are the top three that come to mind right now. I’m stuck in the ’80s and ’70s – you have to drag me out!”

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