Austin wristband question

Question about Austin GA numbered wristbands: I know they start passing them out at 8AM and then they'll line up the numbered wristbands from 5-5:30 (then everyone else), per the following:

My question is... Will they be passing out numbered wristbands all day, or do they stop at some point before 5PM? 

I land early afternoon and am trying to decide if it's worth going to Moody Center to get a numbered wristband then.


  • mfc2006mfc2006 HTOWN Posts: 37,211
    If it's anything like Dickies in Ft Worth, I'd just go when the doors open. I was in the parking lot with friends and walked in 10 minutes before Deep Sea Diver and got 5-6 "rows" back with no issue at all. Unless you're trying to get to the front (rail), I'd just go in when you can. When I went in, I got a GA band, but it wasn't numbered. I know that people that went earlier in the day got numbered bands. Enjoy the show!
  • ^^ Thank you - helpful!
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