**lost bag austin**

If anyone pickup a brown paper bag near 12 and red rock let me know. We think we left it there will doing are lime scooter thing. There's a ball, some stickers pins 2 tour shirts. Nothing crazy that we can't get later, just stinks. If you did find lets us know. Shot in the dark. 


  • Lost merch Austin here and found merch Austin on Lost Dogs forum.  Seems like a match.
  • I messaged that person,  fingers crossed. Either way thanks for heads up. 
  • Marco - amazing and thank you. In the 10th largest city in the US two fans where able to connect and make this end well. I don't even care about the merch. It gives me just a high to know yes there are still good and honest people out there. Thanks again. 
  • dmbolpdmbolp ATL Posts: 1,168
    Now can someone find my "missing" Pit ticket for tonight?!?!? :)
  • KwienekeKwieneke Indiana Posts: 775
    That is awesome. Good on you both 
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