Grant Lee Buffalo!

2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance TigerTown, USA Posts: 22,745
Damn, there are so many bands I slept on in the 90s! 1994's Might Joe Moon is fucking sublime! Does anyone else like these guys?


  • Johnny AbruzzoJohnny Abruzzo Philly Posts: 9,658
    Yes, a buddy got me into the Mighty Joe Moon album. Mighty fine rock & roll is what it is!
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  • Go BeaversGo Beavers Posts: 8,363
    They opened for Pearl Jam the first time I saw them in '94.
  • 2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance TigerTown, USA Posts: 22,745
    Thought the name sounded familiar when I discovered them again!
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