I have 1 extra 10c tix for both AUS nights to sell

My friend recently passed and he was my AUS partner - I still want to go both nights traveling from FLA and need to sell the other 10C seats - 1 for each night. If interested let me know and I will give west details. 


  • scgodbold1scgodbold1 Fort Worth, Texas Posts: 56
    Are the tickets GA?
  • No I prefer seating. I saw the first night I sec 115 8th row. Aisle seats 1,2
  • Go AnimalGo Animal Posts: 3,787
    Condolences about your friend. Love & strength from Central FL.
    Hope you have a great show .
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  • Thanks I don’t know if will make it with all the last minute shuffle  - he would want me to go. Cheers form south Florida 
  • Are you going to make it for the show and is the ticket still available?
  • Coming from Florida as well! Going to be ther both nights and don’t have a ticket. Let me know if either night is still available? 
  • I am looking for night 1
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