Stunning from Steven Wilson and Ninet Tayeb


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    Really got into Porcupine Tree and Steven Wilson during Covid. The musicianship on all his albums is amazing. Haven't checked out any of The Harmony Codex yet as I'm in Central Asia but really looking forward to it. The Future Bites I enjoyed more than I thought I would-disappointed he couldn't give it the touring support it deserved. For any newbies I'd recommend The Raven That Refused To Sing and Hand Cannot Erase. Amazing pieces of work.
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    New SW music is always great but bittersweet since it means PT is going back on the shelf
  • For anyone just who enjoys the Steven Wilson/Ninet Tayeb track, try this
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    For anyone just who enjoys the Steven Wilson/Ninet Tayeb track, try this

    Lucky to have see Routine on his TTB tour, absolutely stunning tune.
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    Listened twice today to the new record .. it's a grower, quite dark. It's like the future bites has an older, moodier brother 😁👍
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