Seattle for EV @ Benaroya?

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I would delete this post but I can't figure out how to do it, so I'll just update it.  I got two tickets this morning 10/15 off TM F2F, and I couldn't be happier.  Karma is real.

If you have an extra ticket you need to sell, please consider me.  I live three blocks from Benaroya Hall.  I will buy you a hotel room near Benaroya Hall.  I missed the 10C window due to me not paying attention to my email, and I'm just sick about it.  Keep me in mind, please.  If you're not from Seattle, I am, and I can show you around and/or point you in the coolest directions  B)
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    Best of luck.  We were lucky enough to score tickets to night 2, but night 1.  It's been crickets.  No Fan2Fan yet, and platinum's have been nearly non-existent.  I keep hoping I can pick up a pair for the first show by showtime.. but so few fans got tickets, and the TM page shows nothing.. sigh.

    Feels like this is a much harder get than last year :(
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