Stone's new live amps

Hi everyone. Does someone know what amps is Stone using during the US23 tour?

2 White Amp heads, there's no close footage (I was able to find) to understand properly. it doesn't seem to be any Marshall or Fender (or Mesa or Matchless) I can remember... maybe some boutique amp (maybe a Dumble-Style amp?)

Any help is appreciated

Thanks a lot



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    matt3846matt3846 Atlanta Posts: 153
    I grabbed a still from a recent YouTube video…

    Looks like maybe something by Amplified Nation out of Boston? Though I can’t find one with that exact knob configuration.

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    muttley-mlmuttley-ml Posts: 15
    edited September 2023
    My guess also (tha's a snapshot of Surrender, isn't it?)... Probaby a custom-made non-reverb Bombshell. The only other Dumble-style amp that MAY look like his could be a Mark Kane (although a MK has a 2-row lettering, witha a small 3rd row).
    Very interesting how Stone's sound doesn't sound a million miles away from the usual one (2 J800s or other assorted amps)
    Thanks for the answer, I think you got the right answer
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    CM189191CM189191 Minneapolis via Chicago Posts: 6,798
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    I was trying to get a good look at Fort Worth but couldn’t see.  It’s definitely a dumble style amp and based in the back panel layout picture you’re right, it looks like an amplified nation.  
    What ain't a country I ever heard of. Do they speak English in what?
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    Bombshell overdrive…
    What ain't a country I ever heard of. Do they speak English in what?
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    Jason PJason P Posts: 19,124
    Scary when they don’t even list a price on their site.    :|

    looks cool
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    BALLBOYBALLBOY Australia Posts: 1,011
    A bit off topic, Mike played his Jimmy Page white Tele during the first show in St Paul which I'm not sure he has done that I have seen
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