Another kick in the bullocks by Ticket Master

1. When they did the 10 club ticket drawing Ticket Master dumped upper level and behind stage seating on 10 club members.  A lot of loyal 10 club members got dog seats.. 

look what is available for tonight's(Thursday's) Show and Saturday - for tonight I stopped counting at 300+ tickets.. mostly nose bleeds and back of stage. 

   fair enough,  when I put in for two shows and got both,  i was provided a time frame to turn tickets I didn;'t want back in

.    However, here's the rub. If my tickets aren't moving.  Why cannot I resell my tickets below face value???   Why we cannot sell them for less to recoup some of that loss is just pure greed on Ticketmaster's part.,, especially  since I cannot sell them on the open market, and I can't gift them, transfer them or sell them even for 10 cents a ticket if I wanted.. So my sh**ty seats will just go to waste tonight along with another 300 tickets... 

 SO... why doesn't ticketmaster give us the option to lower the price of tickets to recoup some of the loss?     Here's why... because they know if 300 tickets hit the market below Face value,..  it would flood their secondary ticket market and kill the margin they make on  % of high ticket sales they make on resell tickets.      



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    I got section 318, row 11 from my 10C lottery.  Grateful to get tix, but these are literally seats in the last row of the upper section.  I feel like 10C seats were always better than that.  
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