Standing on the Edge

Give me just one week with you
So I can last a lifetime without you
Intoxication and scramble brain wave, tell me you are around
And any control I once had leaves me, without my crown
Will you help my body find my mind, he is lost without a sign
Can you help my mind find my body
He is asleep without a melody
In a field of poppy
I'm now a carbon copy
Of my old self in another dimension, that is not reality, this is my specialty,
A realist in an unreal world,
It's unrealistic in the real world
if this is not convincing
Then we should start distancing, ourselves from ourselves
Especially for those who can't live, with themselves

Talking in code with words that can't be unlocked,
Whispering sensations that can't be ignored,
Running through scenarios
On my stereo
And crawling on the floor
To a closed door

I can run through a field of roses
And still not decide
Why the beauty can be so unkind
Or if I should lie down and close my eyes,
Above me skies that cries
And below me flowers and thorns
And I'm torn
Between heaven and hell
My whispers are yells
For those who can't tell

I read your words over and over again
Before they are gone I want to keep them, in my head
So desperate for your connection,
The weather is my conversation

Well....  How's the weather
It's sunny and stormy, just no clarity
For a confused weatherman, this is insanity

The rivers flowing now, Can't stop the flood
I can't move because I'm stuck in the mud

I can't help myself, maybe it is forbidden
To walk through the gates of heaven
What if I can't keep this hidden
I'm rolling dice hoping for a seven


  • justamjustam Posts: 21,385
    edited September 2
    I like how you wrote this.
    I don't know you but this inspired me to try to write something.  The need to communicate soul to soul is so important. 
  • Thank you.  Writing and music is such a great release.
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