RVM For Frans in Chicago

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Let's try to get our fallen Unicorn a dedication in Chicago. We've chosen the Windy City as it was on his bucket list to see the band there,  and we have a large army of unicorns travelling out from all over the world to this show.

Frans was a fan of PJ longer than anyone I know, seeing them first in 1992 and lastly in Amsterdam in 2022, 7 months before he passed ( fuck cancer 🖕) 

He was passionate about our family, our unique togetherness that has made us all better humans, and Frans was a beacon of that Family. His friends stretched all around the world and he embraced all of them.

A dedication in Chicago would be a fitting tribute to a life long member of the "Jamily"
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    wiscojamwiscojam Appleton Posts: 343
    bump. sounds good to me. and yes, Fuck Cancer
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    deb1211deb1211 Posts: 1,239
    For Frans 🥰
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    deb1211deb1211 Posts: 1,239
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    PJNBPJNB Posts: 13,036
    In memory of Frans. 
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    steduggstedugg Posts: 1
    Let get this done, missed out at Amsterdam but we can do it this time. RVM for Frans
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    PJ FreakPJ Freak Posts: 75
    Play RVM for Frans 

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    Dublin 96

    Dublin 00

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    Dublin 06

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    Mirrorball Dublin 95

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    For Frans 🍻!! Fuck Cancer!! 
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    RVM for FRANZ!
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    bumped, Frans would have loved a dedication, we tried in AMS 2022, but it didn't happen, lets do it in 2023 !!
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    connor67connor67 Posts: 10
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    For Frans, and Fuck Cancer!

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    7634wendy7634wendy Scotland Posts: 1
    RVM for Frans!
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    DogboyDogboy Posts: 44

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    PBouverPBouver Posts: 1
    My dear Frans, you are thought of often and fondly by so many. It brings a SMILE to my face whenever you and your comments show up on my fb memory feed. You get a "Boop Morning, Fam" everyday to help honor and keep your spirit ALIVE.
    I'm so excited you're coming on tour and we're definitely gonna Boop some friends together. Got the OG Flat Frans ready and made a couple extra just in case. Chicago and Austin, here we come! And Pearl Jam, if you're listening, please play Rearview Mirror in Chicago for our beloved and deeply missed friend, Frans. Vive le Frans! 
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    rawlsrawls Posts: 15

    please play Rearviewmirror for Frans. He was the best of the best. 
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    NancycahillNancycahill Boston Posts: 1
    RMV for Frans in Chicago!! He was a dedicated Pearl Jam fan
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    ReeneeFReeneeF Posts: 2
    RVM for our beloved Frans! His daily posts and humor brought so many PJ fans together from all over the world. We love and miss him! 💙🦄🉑#fuckcancer
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    RVM for frans 💜💙⭐️
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    RVM for Frans 💕
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    Mutley49Mutley49 Exmouth uk Posts: 1
    RVM for Frans 🫂 
    Fuck Cancer 🖕
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    Bump. We miss you, Fransy. ❤️❤️❤️
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    RVM for Frans, please!
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    CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 9,474
    It’s beautiful to see his friends extend his light …. Hope it gets played with a lil wink from Mr V prior

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    titchinellotitchinello Posts: 3,139
    RVM for frans please
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    jxchamb1jxchamb1 Posts: 82
    Hope the guys in the band make this happen. 
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    OorwllymamthOorwllymamth Toronto Posts: 1
    RVM for Frans
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    I hope this can happen! For Frans! 💕
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    Frans and I only met once in real life, we had known each other for 6 yrs, we both shared the same sense of humour and instantly became friends. Amsterdam was special we all knew this would be his last show, it was emotional but also special to see him enjoy his band one last time.
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