Vault trade!!!

DB109562DB109562 Posts: 7
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Looking to trade my sealed copy of the Fox theater vault show. 
I’m missing the vaults below 
Constitution hall
Mt Baker
Aladdin Theatre
Solider field 
Adams Center

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    2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance TigerTown, USA Posts: 23,203
    You’ll need a bit more than that to get V3! 
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    I know. I got the Fox with the mystery vault don’t need two. Was hoping someone would
    have Vault- 3,4,5,7 or 8.
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    CornishManCornishMan Cornwall, UK Posts: 446
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    You're in almost exactly the same boat as me.  Also got a vault 11 in the mystery sale and looking for five vaults that I'm missing (although I need Great Western Forum instead of Adams Center).  Sadly vault 11 is pretty much the only one that is almost untradeable at the moment so I think we'll be lucky to find anyone to trade with.  Might have to hang on to 11 for a while, and hopefully in time it should become more tradeable.
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