FS: Original Pen and Ink - Sao Paulo 2015 by Welker

ajaxbroajaxbro Posts: 352
The pen and ink original from the Sao Paulo 2015 show from David Welker. This is a 12x9 pen and ink original drawing on vellum paper. Archival framed and bought directly from DWs show at the Hoerle Guggenheim show in NYC back in 2015.
Provenance provided showing original cost of $5000
Selling at $5000 plus any shipping / transaction fees
Willing to meet in tri-state area


  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 6,936
    One of my favorite show posters. I spent a lot of time hunting for the hidden pearl jams. I think i found 2. I messaged DW about it and he just said he was flattered anyone looked that closely at his work.
  • ajaxbroajaxbro Posts: 352
    DWs art is great for finding the hidden meanings and words
  • ajaxbroajaxbro Posts: 352
  • ajaxbroajaxbro Posts: 352
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