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I just realized I never posted this in the M&G thread. I know a few of you may have heard it from the Cluthe/Lee thread, but here's the link:

It's called "July Kitchen" because I wrote & recorded in our July! Ha!

Here's the description I wrote when I posted it:

"I had the idea this morning (7/16/22) to record a spontaneous EP on my iPhone and release it. I thought it would take a couple of days to come up with a few songs, but it took an hour or 2....after that, I kept recording the ideas, but will save them for later.

This EP is edits, no overdubs, and very real. It was recording in our kitchen here in KCMO, hence the name of the album. The intro is a little thing that I play on the Uke all the time...the rest were written today. Hope you all enjoy it!"

Happy Weekend, all!
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  • mfc2006mfc2006 HTOWN Posts: 37,211
    I recorded another EP last weekend. You can listen here:
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    Nice. Sounds great!
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    pjpjpaul said:
    Nice. Sounds great!
    Hey, thanks!
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