FT: Noblesville Embassy Suites reservation for a +1 ticket purchase

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I currently have two reservations at the Noblesville Embassy Suites (walking distance to Deer Creek), which is sold out...but now my friend won't be able to make the show. I booked both suites before the tour was announced. The one I have available is a King 1-BR suite ($238.65 taxes included). I'm retired Air Force/Hilton Diamond so I was able to get the Military Family rate.

If there's anyone who has an extra single pavilion or GA (that I would purchase of course) and doesn't have a room yet (or is looking to get closer to the venue), let me know and we can discuss. Full transparency: I have a pair of tickets in hand but they aren't the greatest, so I figured I would offer up the reservation and see if there would be any interest. Let me know. Thanks!

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