Recommendations on where to sell a 3 Doors Down VIP Ticket?

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I have for sale well below face value (1) 3 Doors Down Away From The Sun On Stage Viewing Package VIP Ticket for their July 1 show in Connecticut. Anyone here know of a similar community board/site for 3 Doors Down that might have a place to list tickets for fans selling to other fans below face value? The standard ticket resale sites are not listing these properly and may even remove some of the VIP benefits upon resale, plus all the fees. 
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    No idea ...maybe StubHub, eBay or Facebook Marketplace for that area? Good luck
  • Appreciate the reply. StubHub unfortunately refuses to update their site to properly list tickets with this particular VIP package. Same for TicketMaster fan resale. Therefore, hoping to find a fan directly and hook them up with a huge discount while saving myself some money as well. Facebook Marketplace is a good idea. I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestions. 
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    truth social. they’re big with the trumpers.
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    Wobbie said:
    truth social. they’re big with the trumpers.
    Came on here to say that - how could you steal my line?!?
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    I was going to suggest Cash or Trade, but just went over there and see your post  B)
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    I would go to the worst strip club in town and try there first.  the likelihood of finding people with very bad taste would probably be very high.
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