Hoping for more from Ten Club Merch

My previous post was taken down, so I've made some edits. Apologies if the original was disrespectful.


I've been a Ten Club member forever, and a Pearl Jam fan since the first time I heard them as a teenager in the early nineties...I've got all the spines...so don't take this the wrong way.

The designs for the annual Ten Club shirts are....well they just aren't cool [in my opinion]. There hasn't been a single one over the years I've actually liked (the deer one was kinda cool). They just seem to be an after thought. The license plate one is fine as a sticker, but would have been cooler if it was part of a larger design, eg on a car that was driving through the desert or in the rear view mirror.

Don't [redacted] and tell me it's a Big Mac. 

Look, I'll continue to be a Ten club member, primarily for the ticket purchasing benefits, but I do wish they'd put more work into putting together a cooler annual shirt, or give us the option to get a different one instead. Maybe it could be "choose this shirt or get $20 off a different shirt in the store". I'd gladly take a spines t shirt or gigaton shirt instead of the license plate one. I've got some really cool Pearl Jam t-shirts, like choices, the red no code one with the setlist on the back, the one with the heart on the front and the like robed guy with the dog on the back -- awesome shirts. Also, these concert posters on the site are incredible. I just feel it's a missed opportunity to do something really cool. 2019, 2022, and 2023 just feel phoned in.

Would anyone else like to share their respectful feelings?
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