Parting ways

Nothing man is hitting me hard,,,  I'm afraid I'll be loosing my beautiful Michelle after some family turmoil.   black, parting ways and in the in the dark hitting me hard.  Our song at marriage was just breath.   saddened my the family turmoil that has turned things upside down.


  • hrd2imgnhrd2imgn Southwest Burbs of Chicago Posts: 4,864
    Sorry to hear, I hope the music offer solace not more anxiety.  I wish you all the best in things normalizing and hopefully getting back to a great place.
  • joseph33joseph33 Washington DC Posts: 1,203
    edited March 13
    This is I think the saddest song in their catalogue.  This is just my opinion,but I think men have a harder time adjusting to life after a break up.
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