Various Posters for Sale - message me if interested

Hi all,

Looking to sell various Pear Jam posters that I have purchased over the years from shows I have been to.  Just don't have the room in the house for them.  Here they are:

2003 - Pearl Jam Council Bluffs = $100
2003 - Pearl Jam East Troy = $200

2003 - Pearl Jam St Paul = $100

2005 - Pearl Jam Seattle Northwest School = $50

2007 - Pearl Jam Lollapalooza Fish = $100

2008 - Pearl Jam Washington DC General = $100

They are in various conditions, either near mint or close to with some minor flaws/creases obtained over the years.  Would send you pictures prior to the sale.  

Please contact me if interested.



  • andyfarrimondandyfarrimond Posts: 1,943
    Interested in both East Troy and Washington
  • ecremes714ecremes714 Posts: 16
    Been looking for the East Troy for some time. Very much interested. 
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  • go prego pre Posts: 615
    East Troy is a nice one, and it looks like you have a great price on it, assuming it’s in great condition. Unfortunately mine is dry mounted.

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  • SM187650SM187650 Posts: 513
    Is that the bubble boy? 
  • GVN2FLY NDGVN2FLY ND Posts: 67
    It is bubble boy  :)
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