Lance Reddick 😞

Lance Reddick just passed. I am super bummed. I have loved him in so many shows (The Wire, Fringe) and movies (John Wick). Plus countless hours playing Destiny. What a talent, anytime I saw his name on a project it made me want to check it out. So sad. 😒 


  • SeaSea Posts: 2,718
    Such sad news 😒

  • PoncierPoncier Posts: 14,813
    Only 60. Damn.
    Horrible news.
    This weekend we rock Portland
  • FifthelementFifthelement Posts: 6,843
    Very sad 😞 RIP 
    "What the CANUCK happened?!? - Esquimalt Barber Shop
  • tbergstbergs Posts: 8,812
    Geez, I just saw this. Can't believe it. Loved pretty much any show he was in.

    RIP Lt. Daniels.
    It's a hopeless situation...
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