Glen Hansard New Jersey ISO ticket

Looking for a ticket to this show coming up in asbury park at at transparent gallery if anyone has an extra please let me know! 
Merriweather Post - 96
Camden - 98,00,03,06
Philly - 05,09,13,16(1&2)
MSG - 16(1&2)
Ottawa - 16
Sao Paulo - 15
Wrigley 1&2 16
TOTD - Philly 1 16
Krakow 18
Berlin 18
Seattle 1&2 18
Boston 2 18


  • reyrey Posts: 259
    I desperately wanted to get a ticket for that too. I've never been inside but that would have to be a great place to see Glen.  How many people can it possibly hold??
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 5,836
    Not a lot. I saw that no tix were avail. Was thinking they never sold any, just f & f. Just a guess. Will be cool. If you are close just go and maybe get in.  Say you are on the guest list "mr. Vedder". If not you can find a cool place to hang. Maybe Ed's in town? Whatever
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