Thanks Eddie.

Dear Eddie Vedder,

I wanted to write to you to express my gratitude for your lyrics and music that have lit a path for me. When I was 17, my life was in a state of turmoil. My parents had just separated and I was going through a great deal of rebellion due to years of constant aggression and fighting at home. Additionally, I am autistic and gifted, which left me even more vulnerable to these difficulties.

I found comfort in your music, particularly in the song "Alive". I could see in you someone who had experienced something even worse than I had, and it gave me strength. Your music helped me to express my emotions and cope with my pain.

Today, I live in California and am a better person. I still face challenges, but now have resources and support to face them. I want to thank you for your contribution to my life and wish you all the success in the future.


Fabio Wood



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