ISO: Gibson Government Series I SG

KM73780KM73780 Posts: 931
I know there are a lot of musicians around here, so if anyone has, and is interested in selling, a Gibson Government Series I SG in Government Gray with the green hard shell case, please let me know. 


  • andrew68andrew68 TorontoPosts: 1,653
    very cool post...i'm looking for the Flying V version ;) 
    He was okay,... but wondering... about wandering
  • KM73780KM73780 Posts: 931
    andrew68 said:
    very cool post...i'm looking for the Flying V version ;) 
    I think I’ve seen a couple of those for sale? I’m finding more Series II than Series I available, unfortunately for me. 
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  • KM73780KM73780 Posts: 931
    Yeah I’ve got that saved in my feed. No SGs yet though. 
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