Nashville 2022 "Wishlist" tags

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I was at the show and have been listening to the boot nonstop. On "Wishlist", I know Ed sung a tag from the Rolling Stones "Waiting On A Friend"...but before that, Ed sung another tag, with the lyrics "If you're lucky, you'll marry your best friend, if you're lucky, it'll last to the end...". I have scoured the internet trying to figure out what song those lyrics are from. Anyone? (Or, I guess, he could've just made 'em up on the spot)
07/28/1992 - Cincinnati
07/11/1998 - Las Vegas
07/22/2006 - The Gorge
04/26/2016 - Lexington
08/08/2018 - Seattle
08/10/2018 - Seattle
08/20/2018 - Wrigley Field
04/02/2020 - Nashville
09/16/2022 - Nashville
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