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Hey all, here are some extra posters I have hanging out and I'm ready to give them a new home. All have been stored flat, layered w acid free paper, etc. All SE variety, nothing particularly exciting unless you are looking for one of them! Most I got from shows, a couple are mystery box items from several years ago. Not looking for other posters, unless there's a variant or S/N you have to offer for multiple of mine or something.

I really prefer to trade for other merch to shows I've been to or other general PJ stuff that isn't show specific. Stickers, patches, promo items, XL shirts/hoodies. I'll post a list of shows when I have a chance, but no time atm to do so. (Chicago, StL, Nashville, Ohana, BnBeyond, Seattle Home Shows capture most of my shows) Would also trade for EV stuff, Mad Season, Brad, Three Fish. Open to a variety of used vinyl as well, pj and non pj. RHCP, AIC, Soundgarden. If there isn't much interest initially, I'll put in some true ISOs but there isnt anything I'm specifically looking for.

Hard to say if Thanksgiving break means I'll be looking at Lost Dogs more, or not as frequently, but I'll see PMs for sure if you have questions or suggested trades!

Putting prices here with Expresso Beans as a general guide. I'm not on top of the poster market in general, so if a price stinks it's because I'm simply not aware and doing my best to be fair without doing a ton of research :) Prices don't include shipping, not opposed to global shipping if the cost is covered, or otherwise agreed upon deal. Quality pack in tube with craft paper. Again, more about the trade than the cash price. Your trade item may not be the same market value or whatever, that's cool. But I understand a price needs to be listed. 

All NM except Germany. It came in the Mystery Box and while not damaged, it just seems worn a bit, like friction has dulled parts of the paper, but no loss of color, etc. 


$100 - Sold for $50


$140 - sticking to EBeans...this seems high though.



Thanks for looking!
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