How do I download a bootleg?

I ordered the Denver 9/22/22 show for digital download today. I ordered it in FLACHD but in the "view details" of the order, there is no link to download the boot. Am I missing something?


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    Same here! Ordered Oklahoma City and Denver but only got the link for OKC.
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    tmktmk Posts: 8
    Same here. The download support page says "you can download bootlegs in two ways... one is to save as zip, the other is to use download manager but you need the newest Java installed" but when I click download, it redirects me to download page (instead of save as a zip file) and there is the list of files but the downloader doesn't work. There's no "download link to disk" option visible. So... can someone fix it, please???

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    tmktmk Posts: 8
    edited July 2023
    It's been three months and I stil didn't get the help from support. I've paid for something I can't get. The only answer from support I got is:

    "If you alt-click each track, it should appear as a downloaded file in the bottom of your web browser. From there you should be able to save the files to a folder and import them to Apple Music or similar by dragging them into a playlist."

    but that doesn't work! Clicking with ALT or SHIFT doesn't work.

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