Looking for Song Suggestions For Bass While in C Standard

The title more or less says it all… I’m noodling around w/ some Queens of the Stone Age songs on bass that are tuned to C standard… was looking for suggestions for songs from other artists I could try while I’m that tuning… any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 


  • mfc2006mfc2006 Posts: 36,616
  • mfc2006 said:
    Much appreciated, MFC. Saw some of those before... my buddy and I were joking about Rock Lobster, but neither of us are touching those vocals. 

    There's no shortage of QOTSA songs in C standard, but man, those songs are monsters. 

    I thought for a hot second that A Perfect Circle was mostly in C standard, but I was mistaken, they typically tune a 1/2 step up from it... f'ing weirdos & their weird tuning. 
    You Are is in open c & Matt did write it so no need to explain 
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  • BALLBOY said:
    You Are is in open c & Matt did write it so no need to explain 
    Looks like Jeff tunes G D G C for it. (At least according to my guitar tab app)

    Nice, good catch. Thank you. 
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