I’ve not seen a show since 2018 but I try to follow fairly closely on the boards which is why I mention this underplayed gem is overdue for a spin. It’s got to be an oversight or we’re just fans of a band with an amazingly deep catalogue of fantastic songs. I’ll go with the latter. At least we’re not tasked with drawing up the setlists.


  • I’d like to hear faithful tonight
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    I’d like to hear faithful tonight
    Here’s hoping!
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    Hear, hear! Faithfull is my favourite PJ song. It's been played semi-regularly in the past (way more than, say, No Way or Push Me, Pull Me) but yes, it was underutilized in 2022. That said, I'm glad to see that folks actually got it in Denver! Huzzah!
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    wrong thread
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    I've seen quite a few Pearl Jam shows.
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