Wilco Tour

Just wanted to throw this out there. We caught Wilco last night in Vancouver and it was fantastic! Also saw them in 2015. Now bare in mind we did some head scratching and realized our last concert was Jim James in 2019 and our last big venue show was PJ Seattle 2018 so we were overdue for some live music.

Also of note they’re in Calgary tomorrow and I see there’s great tix on TM for under $100.00 Can. Next stop Bozeman and a handful of other U. S. dates. If you’re on the fence or haven’t given it thought but it’s time to see some live music just go for it. Also like to mention a thanks to the people on these boards for opening my mind to bands like Wilco and MMJ. 


  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 6,216
    Wilco never disappoint. Always a great show.

  • opsopcopolisopsopcopolis Posts: 1,070
    Love Wilco. Used to see them a few times a tour, but they've stopped mixing up the sets quite as much, so more a once a year band now
    2006: Hartford
    2008: Camden 2, Hartford
    2010: Hartford
    2013: Wrigley, Worcester x2, Hartford
    2015: NYC
    2016: Philly 2, MSG x2, Boston 2, (TOTD Philly 2, MSG)
    2018: Prague, Krakow, Berlin, Boston x2
    2022: San Diego, Sacramento, Las Vegas
  • I agree, I saw Wilco on their tour opener in Cedar Rapids back on August 12th.  Great live show, thought the songs off of their new album sounded good live.
  • Get_RightGet_Right Posts: 11,583
    Great live band that keeps making good records.
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