The Toadies 2008 Tour

Anybody out there know if there was a poster for the Toadies show in Philly on November 6, 2008? Or if there was any sort of poster for that whole tour? Would love to find some kind of souvenir from that Philly show. 


  • hihobibohihobibo Tampa, FLPosts: 863
    Look on their site, they have some random things on there, including a Sold Out 2014 tour poster but they do have Rubberneck rubbers available.
  • KM73780KM73780 Posts: 900
    Haha awesome!
  • dudemandudeman Posts: 2,650
    While I don't have a direct line on a poster from that particular show, I know Toadies have usually done a Tour Poster that they sell at each show.

    I was able to track down the one from 2001, many years after that tour. I just kept doing searches for it and within a couple weeks, one popped up on E-Bay for dirt cheap.

    Good luck!
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  • KM73780KM73780 Posts: 900
    Awesome, thanks! I’ll keep my eyes out 
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