The Official “I went to __ shows this year and I can’t believe it’s over”



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    jjflashjjflash Posts: 4,835
    Four. Fresno in May. Nash, Lville, StL in September. Last weekend was a three day whirlwind and, yes, I can't believe it's over. Helluva trip. What's even harder to believe is I didn't wait thru any merch lines...the spell has been broken, haha

    Highlights: Getting rained on w/ Mike picks in Fres and Nash, seeing my buddy get his white whale (Sad) in StL, Dave Krusen in Fres, seeing old PJ friends and meeting new ones, four song seated show openers, SOLAT/Breath back-to-back in StL, queueing in the Nashville GA line less than three hours before Pluralone went on and still somehow managing to get third row

    Lowlights: Waiting a ridiculous amount of time in the GA line for Sacto - my buddy and I were #'s 1 and 2 in line - only to have it and the Vegas rug pulled out. Bourbon and Beyond apparently sells a staggering amount of VIP tickets (VIP there is more like SortaVIP)

    Bring on the 2023 shows (hopefully)! Can't wait to hop back on the train. So. Much. Fun. Cheers to PJ for keepin' on giving for 30+ years. Three decades in and they sounds as good as ever.
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    D-RodD-Rod Hamilton, Ontario Posts: 1,799
    10 shows , SD, LA 1,2, PHO, OAK 1,2, QC, OTT, HAM, T.O,  had GA for 6 of them.

    highlights include
    - San Diego pre party 
    - hearing Gigaton songs live 
    - meeting several forum regulars for the first time
    - being in GA for the Hamilton show with my youngest son
    - Toronto pre party 
    - understanding Jason Leung’s emptiness when he went back to work after the 2005 Canadian tour 
    -  going to 8 shows with my amazing wife and further realizing I’m one lucky son of a bitch 

         I remember thinking early this year that 10 shows in 5 months would be a great crescendo to my Pearl Jam experience.  I now realize this isn’t the end of something , it’s the beginning.  Bring on 2023 dates. 
    2011.....Toronto N1, Toronto N2, Hamilton
    2013.....London, Buffalo
    2016.....Toronto N1 Toronto N2, Boston  N1, Boston N2, Chicago N1
    2018.....Seattle N1, Seattle N2
    2022.....San Diego, Los Angeles N1, Los Angeles N2, Phoenix, Oakland N1, Oakland N2, Quebec City, Ottawa, Hamilton, Toronto  
    2023.....Fort Worth N1, Fort Worth N2, Austin N1, Austin N2
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    deb1211deb1211 Posts: 1,073
    2 Nashville and St Louis...I couldn't be happier. Got a song dedication/shout out from Ed on Sad that was surreal and incredible, heard I Am Mine for first time and it was as amazing as I expected, got to see my fave PJ friend after 4 years and got my husband to his first PJ show ever, so hopefully he gets it a little more now. I can't wait for the bootlegs to come out. 
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    curleybarneycurleybarney USA Posts: 157
    edited September 2022
    4, but should have been 5 - both LA, both Oakland and had tickets to the cancelled Vegas show. Awesome weekend in LA with my wife. I brought my boy to OAK2 for his first show, and he had a blast. My mom was going to join me in Vegas. I got COVID at the Oakland shows.
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    ChrisileinChrisilein Vienna/Austria Posts: 3,878
    1 but should have been 2..cancelation of Vienna.. Still thinking what could have been. Though the sound in Stadthalle Vienna is shit, seeing 11000 on the floor alone is always special... See you next year
    up here in my tree in Vienna
    2006: Vienna 2009: Berlin 2010: London ~ Berlin 2012: Amsterdam 1+2 ~ Werchter ~ Arras ~ Berlin 1+2
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    EV Berlin/Zitadelle 2017
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    SHZASHZA St. Louis, MO USA Posts: 3,162
    On the train to the Denver Airport after the show. Tour is officially over. Made 13 shows, 15 in the past calendar year (encore x2 LA x2 oak x2 Ham TO MSG Camden Nash Lville STL OKC Denver). Last 9 in a row not counting apollo. Would have had two more -- had just checked into Sac hotel when the cancelation happened. 

    When the tour was first announced in 2020, I was going to do probably 2 shows, STL and Nash. F2F was a game changer. I snagged coveted Baltimore tickets, and a bunch of killer seats for west coast shows. The ability to get great seats for face to any show definitely made it more feasible to hit a bunch. I had or could have had GA for every show except MSG, although sometimes I opted for seats for one reason or another. 

    Highlights: meeting friends from this group and in the merch lines and pits. The setlists were stronger on this last leg - Top 5 in chronological order Hamilton MSG Camden STL OKC - but just being there in LA for the return to normalcy was exciting and all the west coast shows were great too of course. 

    Agree with jjflash about Lville. Could not believe how many people were in "VIP". 

    It's been a blast, but I'm looking forward to spending time at home. Excited to see what 2023 has in store 
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    kaw753kaw753 Posts: 753
    6- SD, LA2, HAM, TOR, NAS, LOU

    LA2 was the best of the bunch, but we were right on the speaker up front with GA tickets.
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    CopperTomCopperTom Posts: 2,990
    Only MSG for me.  Las Vegas was canceled.  I got COVID and couldn't make it to St. Louis.  I cancelled my Europe trip months in advance.  I also had tickets for Baltimore.
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    JPPJ84JPPJ84 Hamburg, Germany Posts: 3,440
    Seven shows on my first Pearl Jam tour. Was supposed to be ten but oh well. Apart from the cancellations obviously I enjoyed every minute of it. I was lucky to have five weeks off work to make it a big road trip across Europe. Met tons of lovely people and saw amazing shows in beautiful cities. Can’t wait to do it all again!
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    Was originally doing Hamilton and T.O back in 2020, then I added Ottawa for good measure when they re-announced the tour. 
    And what a great call that was! 
    Got to see them after a long 4 years in ottawa with my childhood friend who lives right near the venue. 
    We crushed it that night row 2 behind the GA. 
    Hamilton was amazing rocking out with another PJ brother in the back of the pit. 
    I think when we were out for dinner we named 10 songs we wanted and 8 of them were played. 
    Really enjoyed that show! 
    And T.O was also fantastic, minus the kick in the nuts with that aborted Leash. 
    Went with my wife and we were middle of the GA where you could dance with tons of room. 
    Great energy that night! 
    All in all, such a great week seeing 3 shows after a long ass wait. 
    The band was on fire and I can’t wait to belt it out again with them, hopefully real soon. 
    9-21-96 Toronto
    8-22-98 Barrie
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    6-24-08 MSG, 6-25-08 MSG, 8-12-08 EV, 8-13-08 EV
    8-21-09 Toronto
    5-09-10 Cleveland, 5-10-10 Buffalo
    9-3-11 Pj20, 9-4-11 Pj20, 9-11-11 Toronto, 9-12-11 Toronto, 9-15-11 Hamilton
    7-16-13 London
    10-16-14 Detroit
    5-1-16 MSG, 5-2-16 MSG, 5-10-16 Toronto, 5-11-16 Toronto, 8-5-16 Fenway, 8-7-16 Fenway 
    9-4-18 Fenway 
    9-3-22 Ottawa, 9-6-22 Hamilton, 9-8-22 Toronto 
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    jagerweisjagerweis Los Angeles, CA Posts: 122
    Went to 6, would’ve been 7 if Vegas wasn’t cancelled: SD, LA1, LA2, Fresno, MSG and Camden. 

    SD felt like an intimate friends and family show. Lots of Gigaton. Retrograde was phenomenal. Getting the reverse Mamasan on night one of the tour was insane!

    LA1 had a great Not For You where Ed addressed the abortion issue, a great Present Tense and a uniquely extended SOLAT while Ed left the stage to change his shirt.

    LA2 was very tight from start to finish and noticeably higher energy from both the band and the crowd. Excellent Garden, Immortality, Matt coming out to sing Cold Day in the Sun and Leash was a holy shit moment! Porch was on fire and one of my favorites of the tour. It was cool getting a little bit of an origin story on Evenflow. 

    Fresno was awesome. Special for the Krusen performance of almost the whole Ten album. After hearing 6 Ten songs in a row soundchecked, there was definitely a feeling that they could be planning on playing the entire album. No Ten songs for the first 7 certainly reinforced this thought especially since the soundcheck was so Ten heavy. They clearly had something up their sleeve. Ed’s introduction before going into Once certainly seemed like we were getting the album but this quickly ended when Why Go jumped ahead of Evenflow. Regardless, a unique and special night. Purple Rain premiere came out of nowhere and was great. 

    MSG - Easily the best crowd I’ve been in! Release opener was great. Garden coming next was unexpected, Come Back was very emotional and when they did Porch as the 5th song all bets were off for any predictions! Getting Chloe/Crown was special. It has been my white whale and it sounded amazing! The sequence of Chloe/Crown/Sonic Reducer/RVM was pure fire! Best Sonic Reducer I’ve heard and Mike was possessed during RVM. Why Go/DTE in the encore raged. Arena shook at various points during the show. 

    Camden - Wash opener set the tone properly and it was just a fantastic setlist, the best of the ones I attended. Crowd couldn’t compare to MSG and sound wasn’t as good but the setlist was great and had more rarities. Was great to get Hard To Imagine and from that point on they just seemed intent on kicking us in the teeth with that stretch from Animal through Corduroy. That encore was amazing a 7 song encore starting with Inside Job. The Singles duo SOLAT/Breath was fantastic and I finally got my Breath. Was disappointed they didn’t play it in MSG given the anniversary of the 98 show but it became clear why they saved it for Camden (the request of the All In winner). Getting Leash just helped put it over the top. 28 song rarity filled show that was unique and the perfect complement to the MSG show and best way to end my tour. 

    When are the 2023 dates coming already?!?!
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    1101PJ1101PJ Posts: 12
    12 Shows in 2022.  (2 in May - 9 in June/July - 1 in September)

    Loved every show. Highlights for me were;  Amsterdam, Camden, London 1 & 2 and Budapest.

    Looking forward to the next show very much.
    2012 Amsterdam 1 & 2
    2014 Amsterdam 1 & 2, Milan, Trieste, Berlin
    2015 Mexico City
    2018 Amsterdam 1 & 2, Pinkpop, Prague, Werchter, London 2
    2022 Oakland 1 & 2, Pinkpop, Berlin, Zurich, London 1 & 2, Budapest, Krakow, Paris, Amsterdam, Camden
    2017 Amsterdam 1 & 3 
    2019 Amsterdam 1, Firenze Rocks
    2013 Amsterdam
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    demetriosdemetrios Canada Posts: 87,788
    jagerweis said:
    When are the 2023 dates coming already?!?!
    If they do announce any Spring 2023 dates I hope they announce them before Christmas. 
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    LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 7,778

    Looks like the shows were great. Fun following along here
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    BALLBOYBALLBOY Australia Posts: 996
    3 that should of been 6 Vienna Prague & Amsterdam 1 being cancelled. Highlights getting 3 picks of Mike's, meeting great people especially the Canadian couple who sold me a GA to Amsterdam 2 as that would of only been 2 out 5 if I didn't meet them & hearing finally Pilate whom I named my dog after in Amsterdam. Only 1 disappointing thing apart from the cancellations was Mike threw a pick out at Amsterdam hit my palm but couldn't grab it! 
    Eastern Creek 95,Syd 1 98,Bris 2 98, Syd 1&2 03, Reading Fest 06, Bris 1 06, London 09, Hyde Park 10, Gold Coast BDO 14
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    LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 7,778
    Hey now^^you made another fan happy to get one...Maybe :)
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    ZodZod Posts: 10,129
    2 Shows (Oakland I and II).  Got to see some Pearl Jam history.  Good times!
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    TinaETinaE Germany Posts: 1,260
    Only 2 times - Berlin and Frankfurt. Enjoyed both shows to the fullest, especially Frankfurt...hope to see the guys again as soon as possible.
    Berlin 07/05/2018; Berlin 06/21/2022; Frankfurt 06/28/2022
    Eddie Vedder Düsseldorf 06/30/2019
    "The future ain't what it used to be..."
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