Jazzmaster Players - Need Your Help/Advice!

I have a milestone birthday coming up and want to buy a new guitar to celebrate. I've played Teles for years and was thinking a JM would be a nice compliment to them. After reading/watching a ton of reviews, etc. it feels like the AO60 is the way to go to get the "true" JM experience.

My one concern is everything I've heard about the JM's bridge. There are enough conflicting reports about intonation issues, fret buzzing, and string slippage that I'm a little nervous. I definitely don't want to pay all that money for a guitar that will need to be modded right away in order to be playable.

But just when I had convinced myself that those issues are likely isolated and the chances are that a top-of-the line JM wouldn't be plagued by them, I happened to look closely at an image on the Fender site that showed the B string clearly not aligned on the saddle of the AO60s JM page. Now I'm completely flummoxed and need some guidance. Should I expect all JM's have bridge issues? What is the likelihood that I would need to swap out an AO65's bridge? Is there a model that has a better bridge than others? Do higher-gauge strings really solve the slippage problem?

Any info from those who know is much appreciated - because right now even though my heart is saying JM, my head is saying Strat!

I smile, but who am I kidding...
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