*** Pearl Jam Apollo Theater Fanviews 9/10/22 ***



  • My 61st show, and it was phenomenal. Crowd was loud even on the lesser known songs like Hti. Setlist was incredible. The sound was good in my section center mezzanine. 

    Even got keep me in your heart acoustic unplugged. 

    Open bar with good liquor, free snacks, free tshirt. I had a blast. 

    This is a top 10 show for me. 
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    Disappointed to hear parts of the show sounded terrible if listening in. (I’m in Australia so didn’t listen in). Hoping for all in attendance it sounded better at the venue. Real bummer too, that there were tech issues early in the show. PJ have had their share of ups and downs lately. Let the tour continue and looking forward to the rest of the setlists. 
    What are you talking about? It sounded great. How can you be disappointed for something you didn’t even listen to? Odd. 
    I don’t think my comment was odd at all. Following the setlist thread, a majority of people who were listening in live were saying that the sound was completely off after the show paused to ‘reboot’ or whatever. So my comment was in relation to hopefully the sound being far better for those who were actually at the show. That’s all. Enjoy the rest of the tour. 
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    listening to Howard yesterday...he started the 1st 20 minutes of the show running down Robin & Gary's PJ Apollo experience ....funy stuff. Howard concerned for Robins health/covid....busting Garys balls for being at all these concerts.....good stuff. Leaning over the balcony when Ed mentioned Robin, seeing her standing up (masked) and waving warmed my heart. She is a warrior & beautiful person.

    what a night
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    Fafaflunky. I wonder if he stopped touring with Hall.
  • @steven87- loved your sharing your special time w/ your dad, & strumming Mike's guitar! 
    I mean, who gets to Do That?!?! I'm so glad you did!  
  • NEweather said:
    @steven87- loved your sharing your special time w/ your dad, & strumming Mike's guitar! 
    I mean, who gets to Do That?!?! I'm so glad you did!  
    Still can’t believe that actually happened- feels like a dream! And getting to share that once-in-a-lifetime moment with my dad, especially with everything he’s been through over the past two years, made it truly special. There’s no words to express how grateful I am toward this band and this amazing community!
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    I think people were expecting something to be different because they saw a concert in a small venue.   Sure, it is different from being in the upper deck of an arena, but most of us are used to being pretty close in GA or in 10c seats.  
    I was at the Apollo and I was at the Vic in '07. If the Apollo had been 80% Fanclub or at least just big PJ fans, it WOULD have felt really different from a regular arena, amphitheater, or stadium.  There's an intimacy and often an intensiveness about the smaller venue & the collective excitement about it.

    But as you or someone else pointed out above, Apollo had a huge # of industry people, I'm sure some were actually PJ fans but mostly it felt like a lot of music business people, maybe 40% music biz, 60% fans. And that definitely seemed to dissipate the special energy a bit, even though there was a lot that was special about the show. 
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