ISO: Toronto 2022 PJ Poster/Sticker/Pin Hamilton 2022 Sticker/Pin have Ottawa Poster and others...

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I was at the Wishlist Party raising money for charity so couldn't get a Toronto Poster.  I live in Toronto and this one is important to me.  I am also looking for a sticker/pin but would be happy with whatever I can get.  In trade, I will give up my Ottawa 2022 Poster I was able to get or I can just pay you for it + shipping.  Also, if anyone has a Hamilton sticker/pin I could trade.

I have some cool Toronto Pearl Jam 2022 stickers and Pearl Jam Toronto (gigaton font) pins from the Wishlist as well I can trade.

Thanks for any help!


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    Hey Brock. I can help you out with a poster. PM me.
  • I have Hamilton and Toronto stickers. PM me.
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  • jhager79 said:
    I have Hamilton and Toronto stickers. PM me.
    Thank you!  Sent PM.
  • BUMP as still looking for Toronto and Hamilton pin/sticker... can trade or pay cash.  Thank you!
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