FT: MSG Pair in 223 ISO: Lower bowl single + Cash

Hey guys,

Offering up my MSG pair in 223 for a better single seat. Last minute bailout. Ideally, I'd also want the FV of the other ticket (since I'd be getting a single seat and you'd get 2) but if it's a solid seat, we can talk.


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    Bump, but we may have to do it in-person if TM doesn't fix their system
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    Last chance! Don't miss out on grabbing a pair if you only have a single!
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    Day-of bump! Don't go alone, take that friend/spouse/sibling/parent/child you're so fond of! ;)
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    You may want to check your DM’s and/or comments in case anyone sent. I sent a DM (with admittedly not the best offer but an offer nonetheless😂) but never saw a response, so thinking someone else may have done the same. Good luck and enjoy the show!
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