JUST BREATHE (oil on canvas 24x24)

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On March 10, 2020 my (now 20 year old) daughter lost her boyfriend of 3 years to a drunk driver. Her first and only love was an awesome bass player. Needless to say, her anguish continues to this day, and the devastating ripple effect continues to haunt both families as this emotional rollercoaster and my personal fears of my daughter's future will most likely never end.  The song "Just Breathe" touched me in such a way, reminding me of my dear Piper and her beloved Dino that it inspired the painting attached.  May their love continue forever...

I'm a late fan, at 57, just really finding my PJ love after going to see them at the 2021 Ohana Festival with my girlfriend and buddy (true HUGE Pearl Jam fans) and learning just how fricking cool they are on and off the stage.  And we all will be at Bourbon & Beyond in 2 weeks to see them again!!  If I had one request, please, I hope PJ plays this song.  It's such a  beautiful song and brings tears, I just love it.

Cheers all.
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