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Hi. I'm a new member of Ten Club. Just curious if there are ways to buy tix for an event through this forum other than pre sales or some other early registration thing. Thx.


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    mace1229mace1229 Posts: 9,041
    I rarely check this page. If you still don't know, here's how it goes.
    For the last 10+ years its been a lottery. You need to be a member before the tour and lottery announcement. You usually have about a week window to make your picks, then they draw. You can select multiple shows and prioritize them.
    The first few times you were lucky to get a show or two. The last few tours they increased the number of 10C tickets and you were pretty much guaranteed as many shows as you could afford with the exception of a few highly sought after destinations (MSG for one).People were getting tickets to 4 or 5 shows. I put in for 3 and got 3, but had to refund 2 after the 2 year delay.
    Looks like you just missed the last one when this was posted. 
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