Unable to access shop - "Addresses country is required"

Hi all,

I appear to have been able to access the shop fine, for weeks, until I tried to buy a digital download (Bootleg) today.

I now get the below message:

Something went wrong.

What happened?

Addresses country is required

I have looked at my billing/main address and they LOOK fine to me.

I am in the U.K and have been trying to use my code to get the Hyde Park gig via the site/nugs

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



  • Same was happened to me but instead "country"  it was "province" the only thing that work was to delete all my addresses and create a new one, then make that new one the primary address and delete the previous one. Basically you need to end up with the new created address as the primary one and no additional addresses saved.
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