The "Riot Act" Album Cover Tattoo Making It's Official Debut: The Most Detailed PJ Tattoo On My Body

Props to artist Esteban Benitez @ Black & Grey Atelier in San Diego - SUPERB job. This is my 5th album of PJ's I have on me (without "Pearl Jam" inked anywhere on my skin).

PJ's 7th album (my 5th fav), from 2002: The cover artwork of the album "Riot Act" ... please, NEWBIES to the band: listen to "Love Boat Captain" which was written for the 9 young adults who were killed and trampled during a mad rush to the stage at the Roskilde Festival in 2000 when PJ headlined and started their set.

And then of course "I Am Mine" - which is a song written about the loss we all suffered as a result of 9/11.

Esteban took the pics as soon as he was done - the glistening on my skin will fade will fade shortly. Just got it yesterday.

The split open Avocado with the pit is up next in 6 weeks. "Inside Job", one of PJ's most potent and meaningful songs ever, written and composed by Mr. Mike McCready.

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