Ten Club items import tax

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For non US customers Ten Club membership items should be labelled as "Gift" in customs declaration not given ridiculous over estimations in value that get us screwed by customs.

On the packing slip for my Ten Club magazine the value is given as €13.72 and customs want me to pay €4.73 before they release the package to me, what a load of BS,
either list these items as "gift" or "no commercial value" like pretty much every other fan club does for gift items or send them from the EU store for EU customers, If they want that amount for the magazine which is essentially worthless I wonder how much they're gonna want for the t-shirt

PS.. I refused to pay the customs for the magazine so I guess it will be returned to Ten Club,
....also if I get charged tax for the t-shirt which I'm due to get in November then I'm out of Ten Club, caus 50$ for analog membership that no longer includes physical music is essentially 50$ for a shirt and if they put tax then it becomes a complete rip-off

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