FOR SALE: Ticket to the 09/03 show in Ottawa, ON. Face value.

Hi all,

I upgraded myself to floor seats for PJ's 09/03 show at The Canadian Tire Centre in Ottawa, ON, so I'm looking to sell my spare ticket at face value, since Ticketbastard keeps glitching when I try to do so via their site.

Section: 301
Row: K
(Upper balcony, pretty much dead center to the stage)
Cost: $153 (what I paid as a verified fan).

DM me if interested. You can pay by PayPal and I'll transfer the ticket via TM, or I'll take cash at the venue, since I'm still going to the show, and walk you in.


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    100 Pacer100 Pacer Toronto, ON Posts: 8,661
    You can’t selectively transfer. You can time a drop on Ticketmaster with a perspective buyer. 
    To quote the 10C from Newsletter #8: "Please understand we have a lot of members and it is very hard to please everybody. If you are one of those unhappy people...please call 1-900-IDN-TCAR."

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