Ziggo Dome Horror Story



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    mauchka21 said:
    Er tibbia said:
    Your comments are shameful! 

    Here is a petite girl who said she suffered physical violence, and what are you doing? 
    Talk about queues, numbers, sleep rights, 10c spirit and various bullshit. Why don't you deal with the problem? A girl was mistreated by a security man, STOP, everything else is bullshit. Who doesn’t understand this is either a functional illiterate or doesn’t consider violence against women
    I'm talking about physical violence against a woman-my friend who was pushed to the floor by one of the men she calls a friend. That man was so violent just cause he wanted to get rail. You can't be violent and use violence and then complain that secutiry used force to stop a bad situation becoming much much worse!!! The security had no choice, they had to use force to stop the situation from escalating. We saw the whole thing-the security did the right thing under these circumstances. If this woman wants to blame someone-she should blame her friends from "The Tribe" that started the violence.
    My friend and I saw exactly the same thing! He made some footage of the situation. We will send a very detailed e-mail to TC, to let them know the other side of the story. I really think it is time those people get banned from the shows.

    Every time there is a problem, some of them are involved, every f*cking time for the last 15 years. Now people got hurt because of their actions. Done with it, friends of mine don't even want to go to the shows anymore with me. Because I like to line up early afternoon, and a lot of bad stuff happened last tours.

    Really hope TC deals with the situation and finally makes it impossible for these people to pull the same trick. PJ security made the right decision, opening all the gates at once. 

    To prevent an incident like this happening in the future, I really hope they randomly put like 30 pairs of "early entry wristbands+++" in the GA envelopes. Randomly selecting 60 people and give them a shot at the rail. In my humble opinion, it will solve 90% of the problem. 
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    Rail mafias are the worst. It always leads to incidents.  I hope this does not happen in the US or Canada.
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    People seem to get more crazy every day.
    Sorry, but in my opinion you are also a little crazy if you camp outside for days to go in first. Don't you have anything better to do? If you are so obsessed you probably acted like that as well which might be the reason they treated you like that. Al least, that is my conclusion after reading all the terrible stories about your group's behaviour.
    Calling this horror is very exaggerated and sounds spoiled. Things happen and you might need to learn that things do not go the way you want them to go. That probably made you angry which caused the security to act like this. Since I only saw security doing there work excellent.
    But I also can imagine the cancelled shows caused frustration that might have lead up to more obsessed behaviour which eventually worked against you.

    But...there used to be a time you came a bit early on the same day. 10c tickets or no 10c tickets. Lined up, everyone was in good mood and selfishness was nowhere to be found. You made it to the closed front area where you got the wrist strap. People that were taller then you let you pass so you could actually see something. Those days are long gone. Taller people now just push theirselves right in front of you and do not care they just took away your view. People are rude nowadays. If you decide to watch a concert from the back area there are lots of groups who are having just a night out and just talk and talk and talk during the concert. Also not a nice experience if your are there to enjoy the music. Excalty the reason why I do not visit concerts that much anymore. At Ams 2 I was somewhere in the middle, did not see anything but enjoyed the music. Glad there were screens though.
    And one more thing since I am on a roll 🙃...I really hate the awfull smartphones. Keep them in your pocket or bag please.
    I must be getting old but it used to be so different in the past.
    Wish 10 C would do anything about that and wish people weren't as selfish as they became. But it probably will only get worse. 
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    This thread is some parts hilarious some parts disgusting.
    They should just go to all seated areas because some Pearl Jam fans are total asshats.
    As much as I think America is a fucked up country, we don't have this line and number nonsense here.  It would not/does not stand. Thank FSM I value hanging out with people and cities /visits over position in the GA area, because I would not even make it into any of these shows.  :lol:

    I hope everyone is OK and somehow people can get their heads from their asses prior to any PJ shows in Europe if they ever play there again.
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