Ticket pick up Amsterdam; any news

Has anyone received a notification on where and as from which time one can pick up the 10c fanclub tickets for the Ziggo Dom show in Amsterdam on 24-07?


  • JG230470JG230470 Posts: 2
    Here's from a mail receiverd june 22nd:

    This is your final confirmation for your Ten Club GA tickets and early entry wristbands to see Pearl Jam in Amsterdam at Ziggo Dome on Sunday, July 24, 2022.

    Note: Confirmation emails are being sent show by show as the information is confirmed. If you have Ten Club tickets to other shows on this tour, you will receive those ticket confirmations in the coming days. In the meantime, your patience is most appreciated.

    Ten Club Box Office Opens: 14:00 / 2:00pm
    Ten Club Early Entry: 17:45 / 5:45pm
    Door Time: 18:30 / 6:30pm
    Shame: 19:30 / 7:30pm
    Pearl Jam: 20:45 / 8:45pm
    Box Office Closes: 21:15 / 9:15pm
    *All times subject to change

    1) Your tickets will be at Ten Club will call under the registered member name: xxx

    2) Ten Club will call is located at tables set up outside of AFAS Live. Arrive early to pick up your tickets to avoid waiting in long lines at the box office.

    3) Please look for the Ten Club signs to make sure you are standing at the correct windows. Tickets are filed alphabetically in order of last name. Ten Club ticket windows will have signs above dividing them up based on the alphabet. (Ex. A-F, G-L, M-R, etc.) Please make sure you are in the line that corresponds with the first letter of your last name and have your photo ID in hand.

    4) Ten Club members must show government issued photo identification in person to collect purchased tickets. The name on the ID must match the name on the ticket envelope as indicated above. If your account was created using a nickname entirely different from your first name, or is listed under an outdated maiden name, please email [email protected] immediately as this will cause a delay at the box office. (Shortened names such as Jon for Jonathan or Jen for Jennifer are fine as is.)

    5) Only the Ten Club member whose name is on the membership account may pick the tickets up. You cannot send anyone else to pick tickets up for you. No exceptions.

    6) You will have two (2) GA tickets and two (2) Ten Club early entry wristbands in your envelope at the box office.

    7) There is an opener for this show. Shame’s set begins at 7:30pm. All times are subject to change.

    8) All ticket sales are final. No refunds, name transfers, or exchanges. No exceptions.

    9) Reselling of Ten Club tickets for above face value will result in ticket cancellation and loss of membership.

    GA Early Entry Rules and Etiquette:

    - The GA early entry for this show will be located at the ENTRANCE.

    - You must have both a GA ticket and an Official Ten Club Early Entry wristband to enter through the early entry door. Those two items combined give you early entry.

    - Your guest does not have to line up at the box office with you. You will be given your two (2) tickets and two (2) Official Ten Club Early Entry wristbands. Immediately put on your wristband and pass the other to your guest to do the same. Put the tickets someplace safe. Do not lose them!

    - Removed, broken, fake, or tampered with wristbands will not be honored. Lost wristbands will not be replaced, so put them on as soon as you get them. If you lose your wristband you must enter the venue through the public doors at regular public door time. No exceptions.

    - The GA line is for members with GA tickets and early entry wristbands only. Members with reserved seated tickets can enter from any other entrance at regular door time.

    - The GA entrance has been predetermined but is subject to change on the day of the show. This is unlikely to happen, but in the unlikely chance it does, you will be directed to the new entrance via signage and venue security staff.

    - The GA line is first-come, first-served. In the past, fans have used their own fan created numbering system to save a place in line. This is not organized or policed by the Ten Club. Although we appreciate the good intentions in the fans creating this system, we have seen fans abuse this in the past, arriving early to get a number, and then leaving for long expanses of time. We do not condone this. It is the Ten Club’s position that those that put in the time to wait in the early entry line all day should be of the first in the door. Of course, it is necessary to take bathroom breaks. Like any other line that you find yourself standing in for long periods of time in your life, simply communicate to your neighbor that you need a quick break and will be right back and they will ask the same in return from you because this is the right thing to do. The GA line should be a friendly community. Be neighborly and respectful and do not abuse the kindness of your fellow Ten Club members.

    - Upon entering the venue through the early entry line, have your GA ticket in hand to be scanned. Hold your arm up showing your wristband in clear view so that security can verify your early entry credentials and get everyone in the door as safely and efficiently as possible.

    - DO NOT RUN! Anyone that enters the venue and starts running will be stopped by security and escorted to the end of the line. We know there’s a lot of excitement and energy that builds while waiting in line, but this is a strict rule. So be safe, have fun, and DO NOT RUN!

    Safety and Security:
    - No backpacks or large bags.
    - No professional cameras, which include detachable lenses.
    - No professional or non-mobile phone video cameras.
    - No iPads, GoPros, selfie sticks, or glow sticks.
    - No weapons of any kind.

    Pearl Jam Tour Merchandise Info:
    - Please visit this link: https://pearljam.com/news/pearl-jam-european-tour-merchandise-faq

    Upon entering the drawing you agreed to the rules and policies listed at the following links:
    - Ten Club Ticket Policy: https://help.pearljam.com/hc/en-us/articles/204909414-Ticket-Policy
    - Presale Announcement: https://pearljam.com/ten-club/events/pearl-jam-2020-european-tour-presale

    Please direct any ticket related questions to [email protected]. We receive a very high volume of emails around this time, therefore you may experience delays in response time. Your patience is appreciated.

    Enjoy the show!
  • Mickey98Mickey98 Posts: 6
    Never received this email, not in my spam folder either. 
    Thanks for the update anyhow. 
    Rock on!
  • tylermooretylermoore St. Joseph, MIPosts: 515
    Is the pickup really at afas live?
  • JulesTheManJulesTheMan Posts: 39
    For ticket pickup, anyone know if a New York driver's license (or any state ID) is OK?, I'd rather not bring my passport!
  • CharliePCharlieP Copenhagen, DenmarkPosts: 1,033
    For ticket pickup, anyone know if a New York driver's license (or any state ID) is OK?, I'd rather not bring my passport!
    Drivers license is Mighty fine! 

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  • PendulumPendulum Posts: 15
    Is the pickup really at afas live?
    Yep and I've never been in such a long slow 10C line
  • Mickey98Mickey98 Posts: 6
    Ticket pick-up started at 14.10. It is 14.25 now and i've got tickets/wristbands and had a beer as well... 
    No issues here...

  • tylermooretylermoore St. Joseph, MIPosts: 515
    Pendulum said:
    Is the pickup really at afas live?
    Yep and I've never been in such a long slow 10C line
    Thank you! Another long slow moving line... Yep sounds like a PJ show. At least there’s a show
  • PendulumPendulum Posts: 15
    Certainly wasn't as quick as Budapest. The long single line keeping people in the sun wasn't a great setup. Then when I got indoors there was myself and I think one other of my group for the 'T' desk. The 'V-Z' desk had no one collecting.
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