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Hi everyone,
I'm quite excited because last week I released an album where I did everything (except mastering): songwriting, arrangement, lyrics, recording, mixing, artwork.
It took me over three years of free time working (I even had to learn how to record properly and mix everything on my own) and I hope some people like to listen to it.

You first want to know what genre it might be? I don't know :-D It's probably a mixture of rock, folk, psychedelic with the focus on the mighty mellotron sounds although every song was written on bass guitar at the beginning. No sample, all real instruments recorded the old school way. It might be influenced by Anekdoten, Motorpsycho and Tool.

It's eight songs on 48 minutes, please give it a try here and there:

RAIJA MINGO (bandcamp.com)

Raija Mingo (@raijamingo) • Instagram-Fotos und -Videos


37 and (hopefully) counting ...
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