Hope for the song THE END to tribute my mother in the Vienna/Amsterdam shows

Hi, my name is Meital, long time fan of the guys' art, travel whenever I can to see them or Edd preform, each time, it's an experience that elvates my spirit. This tour, I am traveling to Vienna and both Amsterdam shows with my housband and kids. This time it will be different since I lost my Mother almost 2 years ago, on Sep 2020, after a 3 year battle with pancreatic cancer and literally held her hand up untill her last breath. The song that tore me apart and held it together for me at the same time was THE END. I have little hopes of ever hearing that live but it would be a healing moment for me if I do, and that is why I decided to give it a try and just ask. Maybe the guys can read my request and grant me this moment..
Thank you for the time you took to read this..


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    listwishlistwish TX Posts: 32
    I have a request? My girlfriend lives in Bulgaria and I have yet to meet her face to face! Her name is Gergana she will be flying into Vienna tomorrow for her 1st PJ show! I turned her back on to the band now she is sad she gave up on them! She is my angel and we will meet and marry one day! Her Dad recently passed away about 2 months ago that’s all she had besides her kids and me! I just lost my grandma a couple of weeks ago! So Release would be perfect or Long Road! It’s her first time if anybody sees this kind soul or meets her she said she didn’t want to meet anybody new. I said wait one minute these people are like us! PJ20 was the best experience of my life! But I was alone and everyone opened there arms and welcomed me around every corner! PJ fans are compassionate and loving and grateful I could go on! We are different I told her this she doesn’t believe me! Lol I said u just wait and when those lights go out and those notes from Release are played your gonna have a fellowship of unbelievable joy and happiness sadness and every emotion possible! 
    I doubt it happens but that’s ok I had to try!! If you don’t the outcome will never change or the answer is always no! 
    Y’all take care of my best friend and my Love even though we have yet to physically meet! We both feel a profound love with each other! Thank you in advance anybody that gets to meet her will you be kind and cool like I know most pj fans are and give her a Hug and say Jason told me to do that!!!!!!! I’m so excited for her and everyone else going to the show! Have fun and I will see u in Denver 
    UNT , SMU, Austin , Dallas 3x, PJ20, Wrigley, Missoula, Mexico City, OK C, Tulsa 
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