The energy of curiosity and the question, "What would happen?"

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An innovative cook wonders

What can I do with these three items?

What would this taste like?

Maybe if I combine these unlikely ingredients?

Would the diners enjoy this?

Would it taste terrible?

A fashion designer dreams:

What would this look like?

Maybe if I use this color and that texture?

Would this be a strong combination?

Would people love or hate it?

Would it turn out as I envision it?

A composer might find a new timbre

What would this sound like here?

What can I do with this?

Should I try it as an ostinato?

Can I combine it with that?

A writer might ponder a situation:

What would happen to these people if...

Would the story go down this road?

Would it end disastrously or happily?

Where could these people take it to?

I think inspiration often comes from curiosity

At least, I think curious people have an advantage when creating

They will often try new things just because they wonder




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