Our days to fill up or leave open

During my summer months, I often feel torn between the two options:

use days to do lots of activities or leave them open to feel the space of time

Its such a novelty to have open time that sometimes I just want to soak in the pool of it!

Yet, alternately, I feel driven to use my unspoken-for-time to accomplish goals

I feel that the closer I get to the termination of this life journey, the less time I should “waste!”

The need to accomplish tasks left undone in the school year dangles over me 

When I was younger, I made long lists of things I wanted to do

Now I still make lists, but they are embedded into my weekly planner

And I move though them faster because they aren’t lists of dreams

Now my lists are closer to home, and definitely less grand

my imagination has been been trimmed to things that I believe I can actually do

I’m sad to say it   

But, I still love and admire people who dream in a large way

I like to picture their imaginations as a beautiful open universe

The world changes for the better when these people use their gift of seeing possibilities

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